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"I served."

-Victor Henry's summary of his naval career

Victor Henry, nicknamed "Pug", was a naval officer during the events leading up to and during World War II. He was formerly married to Rhoda Henry before divorcing her and marrying Pamela Tudsbury. He became a rear admiral during the war. He later translated Armin von Roon's World Empire Lost and World Holocaust into English.

Early life Edit

Henry attended Sonoma County High School in his youth, from 1905-1910, where he excelled at mathematics, history, and the sciences. He was in the Arista society and the school's Russian-speaking club, and a football star. While in school, he wrote several letters to his congressman asking to attend the Naval Academy, which he did. In 1915, he married Rhoda Grover, and together, they had three children- Warren, Byron (or "Briny"), and Madeline. He worked his way up in the ranks of the Navy until he became a commander.

Attachè to Berlin Edit

In 1939, the Navy sent Henry, who had been aspiring for a command on a battleship, to Berlin as a replacement for Kip Tollever, the former U.S. naval attaché there, along with Rhoda. While on the ship to Germany, the couple met the famous British journalist Alistair "Talky" Tudsbury and his daughter, Pamela. This fateful rendezvous was the beginning of a long and fateful relationship between Henry and Pamela.

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